Welcome to The Spinney

The Spinney is a wonderful community woodland playspace in South Lincolnshire which adults and children can visit 365 days a year.

It provides a fantastic setting where everyone is allowed to run wild in the woods. There is no entry charge and all activities are free. Adjoining the Spinney there is a large wildflower meadow with mown paths where you can also walk at any time.

The Spinney is situated just north of the village of Little Bytham, which lies 6 miles north of Stamford on the B1176 road (see Directions).

Virtual Tree Dressing 2020

When visiting the spinney please use the QR ‘Check-in’ code on the government’s Track & Trace app using which are displayed at several locations around the entrance area.

Coronavirus update

When you are on site, please remember that we do not have any hand washing or toilet facilities, so we ask that you come well prepared with your own hand sanitizing gel and wipes. Once you have used these, please can you take them away with you and dispose of them away from the site.

We ask that you keep a safe distance from other people who may not be in your group.

When you are back at home, don’t forget to wash your hands.