Spinney 2023 redesign plans – Funding awarded

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I cannot quite believe that 2023 is the 20th birthday of The Spinney.

It was back  in January 2003 that the Bythams Woodland Trust (BWT)  first opened up the site by putting in the splay entrance, trackways, car park, seating areas and the first items of play equipment.  In doing this, we had to take out some old and decaying trees, but we have always tried to keep the original beauty and natural character of the site.

Since then we have kept  the site open throughout all seasons and in all weathers – and we only had to close for a short period in spring 2020 during the first Covid Lockdown.

We have provided great play, recreation and enjoyment opportunities for thousands of visitors of all ages and, in our minds, it has been a wonderful success. We like to think that it is a truly unique place for everyone to enjoy, which offers the chance to ‘run wild in the woods’.

But,  as this is our 20th birthday year, we are planning to do something really special – and we will need your help.

Over the years, the play equipment has suffered wear and tear through constant use and it is coming up to its ‘use-by date’. Many will know that we had to take the zip-wire out because the main platform posts had rotted through. It could no longer be used and it was not economical to repair it.

So, we are  proposing to carry out a major refurbishment of the pieces of equipment which really need to be replaced. In summary we are proposing to:

  • Re-design the under 5s area
  • Put in a new higher space net
  • Install two new sets of swings
  • Replace the wibbly-wobbly bridge
  • Repair the boardwalk walkway
  • Turn the look-out tower into a split level castle
  • Replace the spiders net with new climbing equipment

This is the planned design for the new equipment

We already have planning permission to carry out these works which we want to do later this year. We are in the process of finalising the fine details of the design of the new equipment.

The biggest thing is that we need to raise about £150,000 to pay for all these works. We are working on new funding applications,  and over the next few months we are pretty confident that we can make a good case – but this is where we need your help.

The people who we will be asking to fund us want to know that people are supportive of The Spinney and see it as a benefit for the local community. So, if you use The Spinney and want to help us make the changes this year so that it is even better than it is now, please post why you think the spinney is a great place.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support


Dr Patrick Candler

Chairman Bythams Woodland Trust

Click on one of the images below to see them full screen and scroll though the various designs.

3 thoughts on “Spinney 2023 redesign plans – Funding awarded”

  1. I brought my son and his friends to the spinney 20 years ago and now I bring my grandchildren!
    I have lived and travelled all over the world and I have to say the Spinney is amongst my top 5 places to be. It has a natural, farytale beauty about it that enables children to play and explore freely. It feels safe. It feels magical.
    We are visiting today and the girls have no concerns about leaving their electronic devices at home, because they know they will have great fun exploring, climbing, playing and cooking sausages and marshmallows at the fire pit.
    Thank you so much!
    How can we donate to the refurbishment?

  2. I took my 8yr old granddaughter to The Spinney for the first time today. Such a great space, she loved the rope swing and slide but most of all the freedom of exploring and the possibility of building a den on our next visit. We will be back, with friends.

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